IMUG: An Agreement About Our Words IMUG is the International Multilingual Group, a meetup and forum that lives at the heart of the trends, trends and community for multilingual computing. Founded in 1987 originally as a special interest group of the Stanford Macintosh Users Group (SMUG), it has been a Silicon Valley tradition now in its 30th year. [...]

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See You at GDC 2017! It’s nearly that time again! GDC 2017 is right around the corner. We’re eagerly looking forward to meet up with old friends and to make new ones at this year’s event. Hosted at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Game Developers Conference will run the whole week from 27 February through 3 March, with [...]

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Evolution to Globalization Those familiar with e2f will notice some subtle changes to our web site since our management offsite in San Francisco. e2f is evolving along with the industry and our customers’ needs. First, our tagline has changed: "You create it. We globalize it." This reflects the broadening of e2f's corporate perspective to encompass [...]

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Transifex: New Features for Machine Translation (MT) & Translation Memory (TM)   Our partners at Transifex are always looking for new ways to tailor their platform to meet the evolving needs of translators. A recent blog by Samuel Chen gave us a head’s up about a few changes now available and others coming soon. The first change combined the power of Translation Memory [...]

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e2f Management Off-Site Day 1 Last week, e2f’s global management team assembled at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco for three days of discussions on the state and prospects of the translation industry, our role and place within the market, and our path to the future. e2f has been providing language services for over a [...]

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Website Service Outage Update [30 Jan 2017] We're Sorry!   Beginning on Friday 27 January 2017 through today, Monday 30 January 2017, e2f's corporate website experienced unavailability. As of approximately 2:40 pm (US Pacific Time) on Monday 30 January 2017, full website service was restored. Performance may remain sluggish for some users. Initial connections may take up to 25 seconds before screen loads. [...]

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Announcing Our Digital Marketing Solutions We just published a Digital Marketing Solutions page. Taken from it are these observations here at the start of 2017: Digital marketing is a huge industry, and only getting bigger. According to numbers quoted from Forrester Research, the global digital marketing industry was projected at $77.1 billion (USD) in 2016, and will grow [...]

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Unveiling our new 2017 Corporate Presentation Welcome to 2017! A new year, with new opportunities and new challenges. It is the perfect time to take a moment to introduce ourselves to new audiences, and also, to re-introduce ourselves to our oldest friends and colleagues. Thus we unveil to you e2f's corporate overview presentation for 2017! (Yes, it's a slide deck. So [...]

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Gaming Solutions Game localization projects follow general patterns but no two projects are alike. Similarly, no two Linguistic Service Provider (LSP) will be the same in terms of cost, quality, and breadth of services. Localizing games has a few issues to consider, from the platform, to the source and target languages, to the format and content size [...]

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eLearning Solutions eLearning, in its many forms, goes by many names: e-learning or eLearning (dash or no dash), distance learning, distributed learning, distance education, online training, online learning, online courses, Internet training, interactive webinars, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and more. And that's just a few of its English appellations! In French, for instance, it can [...]

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