Should I translate my content into Hindi?

It’s no secret: translating your content into new languages results in boosted traffic and engagement. People crave content in their native languages, and tailoring your content to serve a global audience is among the most powerful growth hacks.

But once you’ve tackled the question of whether to translate your website (spoiler: the answer is yes), you must consider into which languages you’ll translate. Obviously, the more languages covered, the wider your reach. But as translating into too many languages can be costly, you must think carefully about which languages to target.

Of course, the decision of which languages to target will vary heavily based on the specific goals of your product or service. If you’re looking to target users in Mexico or Spain, Spanish is an obvious choice; if your desired audience lives in Egypt or or the United Arab Emirates, Arabic should be your clear priority.

And then there are the companies who lack a need to target any one specific audience, but are looking to grow their reach in a broader sense. If you fall into this category, an English-to-Hindi translation is well worth your consideration.

Why should I translate my content into Indian languages when most everyone there can speak and read English? While it’s true that much of the world’s population understands English, there is a clear business case for creating content in your speaker’s native language.

Reach rural populations

Sure, English is prevalent in India’s metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. But the country’s smaller cities and rural areas comprise 85% of the population. These groups will be far more responsive to content in their native tongues.

Drive a deeper awareness

If you limit your content to English, you may reach a small audience in India, but you’re unlikely to have more than a surface-level presence. Diving into Indian languages will allow you to increase your reach, and drive a deeper awareness of—and interest in—your product or service.

Rising content consumption

The latest data shows that India far surpasses the United States when it comes to Internet usage—second only to China. Indian language content consumption has increased threefold in the last few years, and is likely to continue to rise. This growing online population means your Hindi translation can capture an even larger user base.

If you’re looking to open up to new markets, and are unsure where to start, translating your website is among the simplest—and most effective—approaches. A Hindi translation will enable you to open up your products and services to the ever-growing online Indian population.

At e2f, our native Hindi speakers are ready to assist you in tailoring your site to serve an Indian population. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your international expansion.