Not all datasets are created equal

A recent survey conducted by KPMG shows that organizations have sped up their adoption of Artificial Intelligence in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, including 72% of industrial manufacturers, 57% of technology companies and 53% of retailers. As such, machine learning development services are beginning to enter traditional business structures like call centers, corporate news outlets, eCommerce and online learning platforms.

And while commercial applications of AI powered customer experience vary from speech and audio to video and image and even more common forms of digital content, the success of these initiatives rely on highly customized and trained learning engines.

We see many machine learning teams turning to off-the-shelf datasets in order to get their projects off the ground, which will without a doubt provide them with a quick, cost-effective solution and will for sure deliver initial results. Also, most organizations do not have access to a team of experts, including engineers and annotators, to deploy the necessary improvement models.

Yet, the positive outcome of any AI project hinges on the quality of training and testing data, whether your product is: a virtual assistant, a wearable, an autonomous vehicle, or any AI powered personal electronic device.

This is where the team at e2f comes into play! Just like with many other tasks for your AI project, plan on outsourcing the dataset development to a team of experts who specialize in the data collection, data manufacturing and/or dataset annotation. We manage the training data which makes devices smarter, more intuitive, and above all, ready to capture your customers’ commands in any situation.

A key component to the successful roll out of these new technologies will be the establishment of intuitive systems that can adapt to regional differences in speech patterns, allowing for the best customer experience. And whether your brand is Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Xfinity, BMW, Mercedes, Citicorp or Bank of America, you will want nothing but the richest data going into the training of your customized engine.

If you are looking for highly customized, tailor-made datasets to include specific domains, languages, accents, and other specializations, our team is here to help.

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Michel Lopez