Although we offer localization services into French, translation (in French) is just part of project’s production chain. Along this chain, many processes are conducted by non French speakers. This includes communication with our clients, who may be ordering French translation, but do not necessarily know French. Oftentimes for them, French is only one of the many languages they translate into.

As a result, all comments, queries and explanations should be written in English:

  • Bug reports
  • Linguistic questions for clients (for example, using a standard MS Excel file; see this post)
  • Post-DTP check comments
  • General comments, either pointing out issues in the project instructions or giving information to be considered at a later stage

This allows faster processing of information by project coordinators, both in-house and on the client side. In a fast-paced environment, with generally short turnaround times for projects and little or no buffer time, this often proves essential for efficient project communication.