SANTA CLARA, CA – Mar 19th, 2013– e2f, a translation company with offices worldwide, is excited to announce today the launch of their redesigned logo and website providing a more cohesive and streamline look. The new logo emphasizes the core services localization partners appreciate: project management available 24/5, open and efficient communication, flexibility, and translation handled by humans. The website has a cleaner design, more information, and intuitive navigation, as well as a blog and twitter feeds. Our new online translation portal, Workspace, allows you to instantly create a new project, upload files, select target languages, receive a quote, and pay, all online! Once ordered, you can track the progress of the translator and reviewer in real time and we deliver the completed files as soon as they are ready.

Michel Lopez, CEO, explained “We have felt the financial repercussions of staying static with a tunnel vision; it caused us to lose focus and lag behind in an industry that keeps changing by leaps and bounds. With this initiative, we have gone beyond our comfort zone and reevaluated our company image, technology, workflow and our vision.”

e2f is the largest single language provider of English to French and due to popular demand, has expanded its high quality integrated TEP service to new language pairs, including English <>Italian, German, Spanish, as well as French<> German, Italian and Spanish.  Coupled with its voice over service, e2f can now offer a well-rounded localization service to its clients.


About e2f translations, inc.
e2f is a localization and translation producer using a frictionless translation management system. Our 24/5 approach spanning 3 continents enables us to manage projects of any size and in any domain (including apps, websites, legal, technical and marketing) with short deadlines, while following a strict process and applying QA methodologies.  Our clients are multilingual translation agencies, app developers and companies in many industries (IT, technical, marketing, hospitality, life sciences, etc.). We offer full-service localization, including translation, testing, voice-over and desktop publishing.