e2f has partnered with App Promo, a leader in App Store Optimization. App Promo has kicked off their 2nd Annual Developer survey and are looking to get the word out to developers to get their feedback.

Last year 60% of developers said they weren’t making money with their app. Are you? 

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Survey link: http://svy.mk/115Ur1A

The Survey runs from now until May 5, 2013.

The Survey

Like last year – their survey aims to understand how app publishers are faring with the business of their applications including monetization and marketing. As a leading app marketing firm, App Promo sees firsthand how app publishers are doing through their interactions with our clients, but every year they take the opportunity to gather data to illustrate trends and insights that represent the developer community at large. 

The 2012 survey provided stats such as: 

  • 59% of app developers are not breaking even with the development of their app
  • 80% confirmed that revenue generated was not enough to support a standalone business
  • 12% of respondents were top earners who earned $50,000 or more

This year they have constructed they survey to ask the same types of questions to give a Year-over-Year look at how things have changed in the app community as well as to take this opportunity to ask some new questions to get a glimpse at some new topics we are interested in since 2012.

They will be gathering information from the survey participants related to:

  • App Platform
  • App Category
  • Revenue models
  • Generated revenueMarketing TacticsMarketing Budgets
  • Opinions on burning developer issues
  • And more