Did you know Thailand is the 30th largest economy in the world? Did you also know Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles” because of the plethora of words used to describe various different types of smiles? Did you realize Thailand has a population greater than the United Kingdom, and nearly as large as France?

If you didn’t, you might be a kind of a person known in Thailand (and Malaysia) as a กบในกะลาครอบ (Ko ne kalā khrob), the proverbial “frog under the coconut shell.”

The frog thinks himself wise, believing he knows his entire world, though he’s living in the dark under the coconut shell. He’s explored every square centimeter under his shell, even though he can’t see a thing.

The idiom is used to describe people who may think themselves wise, but who lack a broader perspective on the world. There is even a popular novel that uses the title, by Josephine Chia. Now that you know the term, don’t be a silly frog! Take this opportunity to learn more and discover a whole new part of the world you hadn’t considered before!