kasse-mady-diabate-simboNational Public Radio (NPR) released its annual wrap-up of favorite songs of 2015. Let’s look at a breakdown of two specific categories: Latin and World music.

Their Latin list mixes Spanish and English in a mashup of cultures, such as Cuban-Canadian singler Alex Cuba’s “Beautiful Mistake,” featuring Alejandra Ribera.

Other songs range the gamut, including Tarpuricusum Sarata, which features Luzmila Carpio, singing indigenous music of Bolivia in native Quechua.

A-WaThe World Music category was led by A-Wa, a trio of Yemenite sisters living in southern Israel. Singing in Arabic, their take on a traditional song “Habib Galbi” has become a global hit by giving it a hip-hop groove.

There are also sublime, dreamlike songs such as the Malian singer Kasse Mady Diabate‘s “Simbo.”


Check out the full article at NPR. Then let us know. What’s your favorite?