JackBlack-1Every once in a while, you have to see something to believe it. Even the guy in the picture above is not sure what he’s witnessing.

Infinite Challenge (무한도전Muhan Dojeon) is a South Korean over-the-top challenge show. Running for over 500 episodes, it is the most popular Saturday evening show in its time slot. In a recent airing, they invited Jack Black, known for rocking out with his band Tenacious D, to try his hand at singing K-Pop. Listening on headphones Black had to sing along with Korean pop stars, though he doesn’t speak Korean. The team of contestants had to guess what songs he was singing.

tumblr_static_mbc_-_infinity_challenge_transparentInfinite Challenge logo

Even if you don’t speak Korean, this is a hilarious bit of television to watch. If you do, it is all the more insane. Jack Black kills it. The contestants were able to guess every song, from Orange Caramel to EXO. The performance, along with his other challenges, got coverage in Rolling Stone.

We got to hand it to you Jack! As a translator, not so hot. But as a singer, you did great!