A different post today, in order to share with our colleagues and friends in Mauritius island a little bit of their pride at the selection of Jean-Marie Le Clézio for the Nobel Prize of literature.

Born in France in a bilingual family of Mauritius descent, M. Le Clézio has lived as a child and an adult in many countries (France, Nigeria, Mauritius, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, Mexico, and Panama) and is a true citizen of the world.

He now shares his life between United States, France and Mauritius, coincidentaly the three countries where we have offices! (Other coincidences, we both taught in universities in Thailand and he also taught literature in Perpignan where I grew up).

Note that although Jean-Marie Le Clézio has been writing a lot of novels and essays over the years, he has also published translations.

Again, let’s share the pride with Mauritius island, to whom M. Le Clézio dedicated his prize, and particularly with our friends at l’Express.