In press releases, it’s frequent for US companies to refer to somebody by their full name once, and then by their first or last name only, as in:

XYZ announced today that John Marvin will join its Chinese subsidiary as its Chief Operating Officer, as of December 2008.
Mr. Marvin currently heads the R&D department of the German subsidiary.
Marvin holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.
John has extensive product development experience in a small company environment.

In French, however, we should only use the “French Salutation Last name” form of addressing in subsequent references, as in:

XYZ annonce aujourd’hui que John Marvin rejoindra sa filiale chinoise en tant que directeur des opérations en décembre 2008.
M. Marvin est actuellement responsable du service de R&D de la filiale allemande.
M. Marvin a obtenu un doctorat en informatique à Stanford University.
M. Marvin a une grande expérience du développement de produits au sein de petites sociétés.

The “First name” and “Last name” forms are considered impolite in French, and the original salutation form (“Mr.” here) should be replaced by the French equivalent (“M.” here).