HubSpotlogoNataly Kelly is the Vice President of International Operations and Strategy at HubSpot. She’s not only responsible for translation services for HubSpot, she has a personal background of two decades as an interpreter and translator herself, having studied seven languages. This makes her uniquely qualified to understand both the client and the translator side of the business, inside-out, top-to-bottom. She even co-wrote the 2012 book “Found in Translation” with Jost Zetzsche.

This is why it is important to hear what she has to say about managing translation and localization vendors. Or, as Nataly herself repeatedly corrected herself, “partners.” Because, to her, the best outcomes occur when you work in a collaborative partnership with the project managers and translators working on your localization efforts.

You can hear, in full, Nataly’s talk on Managing Localization Vendors: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, posted on YouTube by Acrolinx. The talk, originally held on on 03 November 2015, was part of Acrolinx’ virtual conference for content professionals Content Connections 2015,

We’d love to hear what you think of Nataly’s presentation. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any feedback on her talk, or if you have any current projects you need a quote on. We’d love to be your preferred translation/localization partner!