transifex-blue-logo#FF is short for “Follow Friday,” a tradition established in 2009 on Twitter to point people towards other interesting accounts your own followers might find of interest.

Today, we’d like to highlight our partners at Transifex. In their recent blog, they put forth the question, “Is Continuous Localization Possible for Dev Teams?” It’s a vital topic. Recent decades have seen the increasing shift towards Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). It is an essential methodology in the modern world of Agile development and the convergence of DevOps.

To keep from throwing a spanner in the works, such development practices for globalized deployments also require concurrent and continuous translation. In the past organizations often failed to live up to such expectations, because of how traditional tools and processes were lagging the needs of the market. Now, that’s all changing thanks to a modern generation of tools and services like Transifex’ localization automation platform.

For more details and specifics, we also recommend you check out the Transifex paper on localization for agile teams.

As always, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. For CI/CD to truly work, you also have to support “follow-the-sun” operations. At e2f, our worldwide staff is available 24/5, to ensure your latest release is not held up due to a lack of translators, reviewers, and project managers.