Anyone following trends in Big Data knows that the R language has rapidly gained traction and adherents in the data science community. It has already been translated into 20 languages and has user groups in 50 countries, but many of the packages critical for its adoption have not yet been translated. To further international adoption the R Consortium just announced it will provide a grant to help the project for localization of R, known as RL10N.

The project faces many challenges, such as crowdsourcing, workflow, and rounding up the state of existing translations. The project will rely heavily upon tools to translate code and APIs and machine translation post-editing, and must include both source code and documentation translation.

The grant recipients include Richie Cotton, of the Weill Cornell Medicine in Quatar, and Thomas Leeper, of The London School of Economics and Political Science. You can see a full list of the grants in the R Consortium announcement.