This could be a long topic, but let’s try to summarize.

In Canada, the official word for email message has been courriel for awhile (short for courrier électronique). After having been snobbed in France, courriel is now also the official term in France (Journal Officiel, Académie française, etc.), although it’s not yet found everywhere and there are a many alternative words fighting for survival (courrier électronique, e-mail, email, mail, mèl, mélmessage électronique). We believe courriel is going to eventually win the fight as its use is increasing a lot.

In the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems:

  • message électronique corresponds to each individual email message (un message électronique)
  • courrier électronique corresponds to email in general (le courrier électronique, par courrier électronique)
  • messagerie électronique corresponds to electronic messaging
  • adresse électronique means email address

At e2f, we use by default:

  • courriel for an email message
  • courrier électronique for email in general
  • messagerie électronique for electronic messaging
  • adresse électronique for email address

(which corresponds more or less to the French government recommendations)