The localization and translation industry has traditionally been rooted in human translation. With advancements in the field of Machine Translation (MT) occurring year-after-year, there has been rigorous and ongoing debate: should you continue to use human translation, or is MT good enough? This “John Henry”-style contest between man and machine so far has been won by humans in terms of quality, but there is nothing like computers for high-volume processing.

With Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), you don’t need to choose. Your MT output will be reviewed by our professional editors, providing a hybrid solution combining the best of both worlds. The service can provide you with nearly the same quality of results but at far lower cost, and far higher volume capacities.

e2f believes the types of commercial customers that would benefit best from this new service are already dealing with massive content on a global scale: e-commerce and catalog sites, travel/leisure, and so on. So far, human translation alone has been too cost-prohibitive, while machine translation alone has not been able to meet expectations for quality.

Successful MTPE implementation also encompasses engineering and program management aspects, to ensure content can flow from internal CMS systems and databases to translation management platforms and back via highly robust, automated and reliable methods.

Read our new web page on MTPE, and if the possibilities intrigue you, make sure to email us at [email protected] to tell us how you could use our service in your localization program.