The market research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA) produces a comprehensive annual report on the state of the Language Service Provider (LSP) market. This year, for the 2016 edition, e2f has entered the august list of Top 100 Global LSPs!

e2f placed #97 in the global list. For North America, we were even more prominent, placing at #28 of of the Top 40 LSPs.

e2f-logo-flat-color-grey-subtitle-730x320Some of the key advances we made in the past year include:

Stay tuned. We have more exciting news to announce in the second half of the year!

While we have come a long way over our company’s history, we’re just getting started!. Here’s to every one of the customers and partners of e2f, for it is your successes that allowed us to achieve these rankings. And here’s to 2017 being an even more amazing year!