e2f has immediate openings for nineteen (19) different contract positions. These positions require the ability to fluently communicate (have both written and oral/verbal skills equivalent to a natively-fluent individual) in one of the following languages (or dialects/inflections):
  • Chinese from China, zh_CN (2)
  • Chinese from Hong Kong, zh_HK (2)
  • Chinese from Taiwan, zh_TW (2)
  • Dutch from the Netherlands, nl_NL (1)
  • English from India, en_IN (2)
  • French from France fr_FR (2)
  • German from Germany, de_DE (2)
  • Japanese, ja_JP (2)
  • Spanish from Spain, es_ES (2)
  • Spanish from Mexico, es_MX (2)

All positions are for a variety of linguistic work. (For instance, transcription and editing.) These positions do not require translation skills per se. Proficiency in English is required for communication with other employees and contractors. All positions are full-time, located in Silicon Valley (the south San Francisco Bay Area) — no remote work. All applicants must have the legal right to work in the State of California.

Applicants should immediately send their resume to [email protected].