Game localization projects follow general patterns but no two projects are alike. Similarly, no two Linguistic Service Provider (LSP) will be the same in terms of cost, quality, and breadth of services.

Localizing games has a few issues to consider, from the platform, to the source and target languages, to the format and content size of the game. There are multiple components of the game itself, and then the launch platform readiness and marketing campaigns that are required for a successful roll-out:

  • The UI/UX itself (menus, buttons, graphic elements)
  • The content (body text, dialogue, help files, legal notices, etc.)
  • Relevant web pages (splash graphics, landing pages, purchase/download pages, documentation/wikis, etc.)
  • Promotional materials & assets (social media, memes, ads, etc.)

e2f has helped numerous companies launch their games, especially in the mobile space. Whether localizing the game itself, copywriting or transcreation for foreign markets, providing multilingual support or your website in anticipation of global product launches, or providing voiceover recording, Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) or playtesting support, e2f has a range of services that we can tailor to your team’s needs

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