Welcome to 2017! A new year, with new opportunities and new challenges. It is the perfect time to take a moment to introduce ourselves to new audiences, and also, to re-introduce ourselves to our oldest friends and colleagues.

Thus we unveil to you e2f’s corporate overview presentation for 2017! (Yes, it’s a slide deck. So exciting! Right?)

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It briefly explains who we are, what we do, and why you should care. What we can offer you in terms of linguistic services and best practices. It outlines the market opportunities we believe we are best-equipped to help you with, and the related solutions we offer.

Further into the deck, and living up to our Silicon Valley roots, we discuss where we see technology is leading the translation industry in 2017 and beyond. For a particular example, there is a summary of our case study on the use of adaptive machine translation presented last year at LocWorld32 in Montreal. There are other opportunities, including continuous localization, and integration (through localization engineering services) with other content and source management solutions.

There is so much work that happens every day at e2f around the world. Far too much to represent in a few slides, or to express in mere bullet points. If you’d like to drill down and have a discussion with us on any of topics covered, or ideas they generate in your own mind, feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we’d be glad to go through it with you in depth!

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