e2f Announces Globalization Strategy, Focus on Vertical Market Solutions

SAN JOSE, 14 April 2017e2f, a leading global language service provider (LSP) headquartered in San Jose, California, today announced its strategic evolution to provide full globalization services and its new focus on vertical market solutions.

In 2016 e2f was rated by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) as one of the world’s Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs). While the company’s origins lay in traditional translation (#t9n) and localization (#l10n) services, increasingly customers are asking for broader and deeper service offerings, including internationalization (#i18n) and globalization (#g11n). These additional offerings reach deeply into the way products are designed and engineered, and broadly to how they are marketed and sold across global markets. Such complete offerings, known in the industry by the collective acronym GILT, allow e2f to respond to far more complex and compelling linguistic, technical and business use cases.

“We are a language service provider headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley,” says Michel Lopez, CEO of e2f. “That means we provide our high-quality linguists with the power of advanced technology. Our customers are increasingly looking to translate at Internet scale. Millions of words at a time. Daily deliveries of content. That requires engineering expertise. Or they need to take their apps and websites, and turn them into multilingual communications platforms for global audiences. This requires a complete vision, and broad capabilities.”

This corporate evolution is reflected in e2f’s new tagline, “You create it. We globalize it.”

e2f is also aligning its services and solutions to a number of vertical markets throughout 2017. The first two markets e2f has focused on are the gaming and eLearning industries, where e2f already has an extensive track record. e2f now offers more tailored solutions to meet the specific demands of its clients and their end-customers. Customers interested in finding out about e2f’s new solutions can visit the respective web pages,, or, or can email [email protected].

Chris Keswani, e2f’s new account executive for gaming solutions observed, “The gaming industry is increasingly globalized. It’s exciting to engage with prospects and clients from around the world, becoming a critical partner in successfully taking their brands and games to their target markets and multilingual audiences.”

e2f is a language services provider (LSP) founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley. With worldwide offices, e2f provides full-service high-quality globalization services on a 24/5 basis. Our clients include technology startups, websites, mobile app and game developers, and companies spanning multiple industries. Find out more about us at or follow us on Twitter at @e2ftranslations.