e2f soars in Language Service Providers rankings

Common Sense Advisory (CSA) is a market research firm that produces a comprehensive annual report on the state of the Language Service Provider (LSP) industry. In June, it released its rankings of the world’s Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs) for 2017.

Last year, in 2016, e2f appeared in the rankings for the first time, edging in at #95 on the list. This year, in 2017, e2f shot up 14 places, coming in at #81 on the list.

In the list of Top 40 LSPs in the North American market, e2f rose from #28 to place #21.

Some of e2f’s key accomplishments in the past year include:

We could never accomplish this growth without our incredibly talented linguistic and project management staff, our technology partners such as the folks at Transifex, and, of course, our valued clientele who entrust e2f with their global brands, confidential business plans, and most vital communications.