e2f’s blog hopes to document the trends, observations and views of our company and its staff. The translation and localization industry is evolving rapidly, so we will report to you about the technological advances we are spotting. Working on international projects requires a broad perspective, so we will share with you perspectives on global cultures and events.

As linguists, we will also share our expertise and tips when working in a number of languages and dialects. This blog is about things we see everyday working in translation and localization: beautiful sentences, rich ideas, interesting renderings, exciting events, and cultural differences, as well as errors, mistakes, over-translations, under-translations, punctuation problems, and friendly advice.

Whether you’re new to localization, a project manager, linguist, partner, developer, or just generally interested, we hope you find something here.


  • News – All the latest info about e2f’s going-ons, from local events to press releases.
  • Localization Tips – Insight into localization and translation practices, methodologies, and advice for best results.
  • Linguistic Tips – Advice for translators, reviewers, and testers. These posts may be written in English or in the language of the tip.
  • Culture Studies – Let’s explore the unique world we live in, from holidays our offices and team members celebrate to our favorite mistranslations.
  • Daily Questions – At times, e2f poses questions to the community, as thought experiments or rhetorical reflections on the localization and translation industry.


Our blog is written by members of the e2f team, with occasional contributions by industry leaders and experts. Are you interested in contributing? Contact [email protected].