Q: Why is e2f different?
A: e2f is a localization and translation producer using a frictionless translation management system. Our 24/5 approach spanning 3 continents enables us to manage projects of any size and in any domain (including apps, websites, legal, technical and marketing) with short deadlines, while following a strict process and applying QA methodologies.

Q: Do you translate web sites?
A: Yes. We can provide translations of your web site in html format through our Workspace translation platform.

Q: Do you provide translation for personal documents?
A: Unfortunately, we do not provide translations for personal documents at this time. We provide localization and translation services to multilingual agencies, app developers and companies in many industries (IT, technical, marketing, hospitality, life sciences, etc.) 

Q: Do you translate into Canadian and European French?
A: Yes. Every French speaking region has its own linguistic differences and our translations reflect these nuances. When translating for a Canadian audience, we work with French-Canadian reviewers to ensure we deliver translations appropriate to the Canadian market.

Q: Do you do translations from French to English?
A: Yes, we do. We translate from English and from French.

Q: Can we work with you for other languages?
A: Absolutely. We provide translations in all languages. Request a quote for more information.