Management Team

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Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason behind e2f’s success. It consists of diverse individuals providing a wealth of expertise and experience in their respective fields, brought together by their passion for linguistics and helping people and companies big and small realize their potential to reach new markets through localization.

Michel LopezFounder & CEO
Michel is the founder and CEO of e2f, operating out of e2f’s San Jose head office. Michel has a Master’s Degree in Software, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, from Toulouse (France). After working in the software industry for 15 years, he switched to the translation field in 2003 to launch e2f.
Priscilla Cadam-AllyDirector, Indirect Clients
Priscilla has a Master’s Degree with Honours in Information Systems. After working in the IT industry for 8-10 years, she joined e2f in 2008 as Managing Director of the office in Mauritius and is now Director of Operations, managing a team of Production and Coordination in our various offices worldwide, managing various accounts and clients and in charge of managing big projects.
Nectaria KoinisBranch Director, Canada
Nectaria joined e2f in 2016 to manage our offices in Montréal, Québec. Fluent in four languages, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McGill University, and later obtained her Masters of Science in Organization and HR Management from SDA Bocconi, in Milan, Italy. Prior to joining e2f, Nectaria worked for other localization and translation firms including Textualis and TransPerfect.
Marion LétrenneBranch Director, France
Marion graduated in 2007 and joined e2f in 2009, first as a project coordinator and as a translator/reviewer. She has been managing e2f’s France office operations in Toulouse since 2010 and has been e2f’s Quality Manager since 2012.
Toloaja AndriamasinoroBranch Director, Madagascar
Toloaja has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and more than 11 years of experience as an IT engineer and director. Since 2009, he has been the Managing Director of e2f Madagascar where he manages a local team of dedicated translation professionals, including translators, project coordinators, and others.
Tatiana TadiDirector, Direct Clients
Tatiana obtained her Master’s Degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies while also working as a translator for e2f from 2012 to 2014. Since graduating she has held a leadership role in e2f managing direct client relationships.
Nhat TranBranch Director, Vietnam
Nhat leads e2f’s Vietnam team, managing office operations and project management since 2014. Before his work with e2f, Nhat had a professional background in customer service.
Augusto RivarolaBranch Director, Argentina
Augusto attended the Escuela Superior de Comercio Urquiza, where he studied to be a Computer Systems Analyst in Information Technology. He worked for a number of companies in Rosario and Buenos Aires’ bustling translation and localization industry before joining e2f in 2015.
Peter CorlessDirector of Marketing
Peter has decades of experience in Silicon Valley in fields as diverse as marketing TCP/IP routing products and services at Cisco Systems to writing, editing and publishing books and games based on Arthurian literature. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University.