Michel LopezFounder & CEO
Michel is the Founder and CEO of e2f, operating out of e2f’s San Jose headquarters. Michel has a Master’s Degree in Software with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from Toulouse (France). He worked in the software industry for 15 years prior to launching e2f.
Priscilla Cadam-AllyDirector, Indirect Clients
Priscilla worked in the IT industry for nearly a decade before joining e2f as a Managing Director (Mauritius) in 2008. Today, she manages teams across e2f’s worldwide offices, overseeing successful project delivery for various clients and accounts. She earned her Master’s Degree with Honours in Information Systems.
Toloaja AndriamasinoroBranch Director, Madagascar
Tolooaja has served as an e2f Managing Director since 2009, leading a team of dedicated translation professionals in e2f’s Madagascar office. Toloaja earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems.
Marion LétrenneBranch Director, France
Marion joined e2f in 2009—initially as a project coordinator and reviewer. She has been managing e2f’s France office operations in Toulouse since 2010, and has served as e2f’s Quality Manager since 2012.
Augusto RivarolaBranch Director, Argentina
Augusto attended the Escuela Superior de Comercio Urquiza, where he studied to be a Computer Systems Analyst in Information Technology. He worked for several companies within Rosario’s and Buenos Aires’ bustling translation industries, before joining e2f in 2015.
Nhat TranBranch Director, Vietnam
Nhat leads e2f’s Vietnam team, managing office operations and project management since 2014. Prior to joining e2f, Nhat’s professional focus was in customer service.