AI Powered Localization Workflows

Traditional localization processes and resources have demonstrated a proven track record for decades now; AI innovation brings differentiation and a definite competitive edge for brands interested in embracing digital transformation. In the words of Michel Lopez, CEO of e2f, “we find ourselves at the intersection of content technology and language services, where we are finally able to create value for our customers and partners through Ai driven process optimization and cost efficiency”.

For over 15 years, e2f has built a track record of value generation, which offers:

  1. Adaptable, flexible and customized localization workflows combining human, semi-automated, machine translation and AI methodologies;
  2. Creation and management of leverageable localization assets to ensure shorter production cycles, optimized ROI and overall enhanced quality (glossaries, translation memories and style guides);
  3. A proprietary suite of connectors to your content application of choice. e2f does not sell technology but will develop customized connectors to meet your business needs;
  4. Collection, preparation and management of rich tailor-made data sets for machine learning engines and AI processing.

Value Proposition

  1. Increased ROI through fair localization pricing and deployment of progressive pricing models to adapt to AI-powered workflow processes.
  2. Data-driven localization helps maximize customer engagement in enabling brands to better account for fragmentation of today’s customer journeys across their global content infrastructure.
  3. Reduced time-to-market with processes allowing marketers to reach customers faster and deliver a seamless customer experience through the automation of repeated human tasks. Localized content can then be launched faster and cover a greater geographical footprint.


  • Multilingual chatbots
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Multilingual websites and applications
  • Optimized commerce platforms

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