by Toloaja Andriamasinoro, Managing Director Madagascar

e2f provides aid to a primary school, named Ecole Aina Vao, which is located in a slum behind the University of Antananarivo. This school is headed by Mr. Rivo, a fantastic Malagasy, who manages the association that he created himself. He transformed the house bequeathed to him by his father and made it a school. This endeavor was completed thanks to a grant from the Australian Embassy. Now, 250 children attend Aina Vao. For the last two years, e2f has provided school supplies in addition to helping on various projects (installation of a pump in their wells to provide running water, printer, Internet connection, etc.).


In recent weeks, e2f has joined forces with faculty to teach French classes. Manolosata, Tsiky, Natasha and Nika, who are translators and proofers for  e2f Mada, are responsible for teaching children with the help of school staff. This is going very well, the children and teachers are excited, as shown in the photos.

This video, from early 2016, shows the progress of the Aina Vao school, and the needs still to be met.

Mr. Rivo would also like to establish a college for up to 500 students. To assist him in this regard, we have presented his case to construction companies. We asked these companies for assistance in establishing a bankable case in order to get funding from donors.  We hope that this will lead to the realization of this great initiative.



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