100 PICS JIgsaw Puzzles FREE

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Poptacular – May 6, 2015
The BIGGEST free jigsaw puzzle game ever!

• 100 PICS Puzzles – Every puzzle counts!
• Over 150,000 puzzles for you to play for FREE – no catch!
• A new free jigsaw puzzle pack EVERY week

Choose the puzzles you want

• Play puzzles on over 150 top picture categories
• Each category puzzle pack has 100 puzzles to complete
• Ideal for novices or puzzle game pro’s
• Easy puzzles with only 16 pieces, or go pro with 400 piece puzzles

Play your way

• Earn coins for completing jigsaw puzzles
• The harder the puzzle the more coins you win
• Earn coins to get more free jigsaw puzzles

Free puzzles for everyone!

• Play for fun, or play to win.
• Global leaderboards let you play against friends
• Are you the worlds greatest puzzle player?
• See where you rank against friends and the jigsaw world!
• Or just play on your own at your own pace
• Enter jigsaw puzzle zen, and zone out puzzle style – Puzzle Piece man!

1000s of free jigsaw puzzle games

• Free jigsaw puzzle games on Pop stars and movie stars
• Play puzzles on celebs profile pics from instagram and facebook
• Puzzles on nature and animals
• Seasonal puzzle game packs, like Christmas, Halloween and pop songs
• Cartoon puzzle packs with all of your favourite cartoon characters
• Alphabet puzzles like A is for, B is for
• Puzzles on famous movie posters and logos
• Free jigsaw puzzles on band logos, food logos, holiday logos
• Every pack from 100 PICS is here to play as a free jigsaw puzzle

Use magic cheats and hints

• Stuck? Can’t find where the jigsaw piece should go
• 100 PICS Puzzles lets you magically place jigsaw pieces
• Just double tap any piece to play with magic
• Want to finish the puzzle NOW?
• Use the solver hint to magically complete any puzzle
• Not sure what should go where?
• Use the Show picture hint to see the picture and the puzzle outlines

Brought to you by Poptacular and the 100 PICS team

• The ultimate free picture games
• Picture games for the whole family
• Free jigsaw puzzles for kids, for adults, girls and boys.
• Play offline. Go online to download packs and more Poptacular free games

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