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By addappt, inc.
‘.. I can say it does what it promises’ – Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal.

addappt is a living address book maintained by your friends privately, which syncs both ways with your phone’s native address book.

Founded by early Microsoft and LinkedIn employees, it has been recognized as Business Insider’s Top Business Apps for 2013, Business Insider’s Best Productivity Apps for 2012, ZDNet’s Best iOS Apps for 2012 and by CNN International.

Change your contact information once and your contact info is updated across all your connected friends’ address books – privately.

Also includes:
– Immediate updates to your phone’s native contact list
– Attach multiple photos (iPhone’s Photos app limits it to 5) to email easily
– Create, edit and delete groups and group messaging
– Local time for ANY contact in your address book
– Open the app and simply shake the phone to call the phone number you select i.e. a super favorite
– Easily request physical addresses for holiday greeting cards

(You DO NOT need Twitter or Facebook credentials to use addappt but does need access to your Contacts)

PRIVACY (more on

– We DO NOT store your address book on our servers
– We DO NOT spam any of your contacts
– We DO NOT and will not sell any data to third party services. Never Ever.

Support, Questions, Concerns, Criticism, Suggestions or Sheer Delight? We are available on Twitter @addappt