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By Heppi
Bo’s Dinnertime was nominee for the Dutch “Media Preschooler Award 2013” for Best App!

* “A delightful app that not only educates, Bo’s Dinnertime, also entertains.” – BestAppforKids

* “It helps to get children more interested in real-life mealtimes by making a game of learning about everything involved.” – TheiMums

* “It may interest readers to know that my son played this app straight through six times in one sitting as well as coming back for more Bo’s Dinnertime later the same day.” – GiggleApps

* “Bo’s Dinnertime is a really lovely app that on face value looks very simple and basic, but this is not the case once children get started.” fourlittletesters

* “This is an outstanding app which not only supports a plethora of early learning skills whilst helping to develop an essential routine, but which also promises hours of fun for little munchers everywhere.” Gill Robins

* “It makes sure that they make dinner time fun for them by packaging the experience in a fun and interactive game app.” iHeart

* Finalist in the App Star Awards 2012 of AppsFire!

All children go through a phase that makes family dinnertime less fun and a solution can be to involve them in the routine of preparing dinner and cleaning the table.

“Bo’s Dinnertime” offers your child the opportunity to help the adorable and playful Bo the Giraffe with all steps surrounding dinnertime like;
* Buying groceries
* Putting these in the cupboard
* Cooking
* Putting the tablecloth on the table
* Putting the plate, knife, fork and spoon on the table
* Serving the food
* Eating the food
* Serving dessert
* Cleaning the table
* Washing the dishes.
“Bo’s Dinnertime” will encourage and teach your child good dinnertime habits in a fun and interactive way!

Recommended Age: 2 – 6 years and also fun to play with the parents!

* 10 engaging and fun scenes
* A way to encourage good dinnertime habits
* Great song in the final scene and on the radio
* Fun music and sounds
* Hidden sounds and animation effects
* Clear voice-over in English, German or Dutch
* Child-friendly interface
* Fun extra snack game with Lulu and Tommie
* Skills development like; listening, matching, sorting, counting and coordination

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About the “MUM” of Bo the Giraffe
Esther Naalden, writer/illustrator and mother of 2 young children, founded Heppi in 2002. With Heppi she can fulfill her passion to create unique products by using her motto “less is more” and bright colors.
She uses Bo the Giraffe, an adorable and playful little giraffe, and his friends as the main characters in her creations. At the moment 26 Bo the Giraffe children’s books and 5 Bo the Giraffe Apps are on the market.