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By Quasar Alliance, Inc
CrossMyWord IS THE FIRST EVER CROSSWORD PUZZLE GAME YOU BUILD AND PLAY TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIENDS! You pick your own words. You pick your own clues. You send them to your friends to solve. Then it’s their turn! It’s fun, simple, and greatly entertaining! Why hasn’t it been invented before? We are puzzled!


– Build your own crosswords with friends or random opponents!

– Pick your own words and clues and send them to the other player to solve!

– Take turns entering and solving the words and watch the crossword puzzle grow right before your eyes.

– Build and play self-made crosswords in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese

– Invite your friends or get matched with a random opponent!

– Choose the words you want to put in your crossword!

– Pick the word clues from a list or write your own!

– Keep track of words and clues!

– Earn points on solving and placing the words!

– Several Help Options!

– Play up to 20 games simultaneously!

– Pass and Play option!

– Chat!

– Customize your game by choosing your favorite color scheme!

– Connect with Facebook or email!