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By Brain&Brain
Doggins is a quiet little adventure game about a terrier, time travel, and a villainous monocled squirrel. Explore the moon, sniff some things, and unravel a plot to sabotage the history of human invention.

Featured by Apple in Best New Games, Indie Prize and SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award nominee, and PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH selection!

• Fresh, graphic art style with handcrafted animation.
• Classic item-based puzzles combined with touch interaction.
• Fully immersive, with visual storytelling and a minimal UI.
• No in-app purchases or ads!

“Doggins is one of those games that should be loaded onto every iPad.” — Grab It Magazine

“The game’s charm can’t be overstated.” —iLounge

“An impossibly stylish and intuitive point-and-click adventure that tells a charming tale.” —Pocket Gamer

Doggins was created over the course of two years by husband-and-wife team Brain&Brain and inspired by their indomitable cairn terrier, Oliver Doggins.