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By Jawbone
The Jawbone app helps you stay on top of your schedule, battery life, and calls—all hands-free using your Jawbone headset or speaker.
Jawbone 2.0 replaces previous versions of Jawbone Companion:
* Agenda: Jawbone whispers through your headset or speaker and reminds you about upcoming meetings and events when they’re starting; it will even dial you into conference calls at the press of a button, passcode and all.
* Prompts: Preview custom voice prompts and languages to personalize your Jawbone device.
* Battery Meter: A convenient battery indicator on your phone lets you know; at a glance, how much battery life your speaker or headset has left.
* Instant Info: Press the TALK button on your headset, JAMBOX, or BIG JAMBOX to hear upcoming events, remaining battery life, and the current time. For MINI JAMBOX, you can customize the PLAY button to access voice control or dial a contact.
* LiveAudio: Toggle LiveAudio on and off from the application (JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX, and MINI JAMBOX only).
Jawbone currently supports Jawbone ERA, ICON HD, ICON, JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX and MINI JAMBOX. Make sure to get the latest update from jawbone.com/start and enable JawboneLink™ in Advanced Settings if it’s not enabled already.
To hear calendar announcements with meeting titles, please make sure a TTS engine is installed by going to Settings > Voice input & output settings.