Jr’s Great Escape (Free) – Adventures In FranknSon

Jr’s Great Escape (Free) – Adventures In FranknSon 2016-08-05T12:21:21+00:00

By DigitalSummit.TV Inc
In a distant land, a long time ago, there lived a group of forgotten heroes. They were remembered only as myths and legends, and the extraordinary deeds of these heroes had all but faded into the gray haze of time. Jr is a side shooter game based on the FranknSon Stories. Jr is escaping and looking for his father and the lost monsters.

– An introduction animation which gives a sense of the story behind the quest
– Flying Upgrades are available
– Level Upgrades are available
– Remove Ads Upgrades are available
– Lots of bad guys to fight off
– Special Magic coins like invisibility, power bullets, and extra lives to continue your quest
– Two playing modes – Short Day and Long Day
– 6 different landscapes covering Night through Day as you travel through towns, woods, mountains, deserts, and volcanos (can upgrade to 12 levels)
– Multi-layer animations
– You hear the bad guy ordering attacks
– Game Center integration