MarginNote – Review PDF and ePub docs by Annotate,Outline,MindMap

MarginNote – Review PDF and ePub docs by Annotate,Outline,MindMap 2016-08-05T09:54:40+00:00

By Sun Min
“The notes in the visible margin is brilliant!”
“Mindmapping and notetaking combined with evernote sync!”
“Superb document review system”
“Makes mapping and reviewing any PDF article a joy”
Keep it simple, organized and short with MarginNote for iPad! Annotate your PDF, ePub and saved documents with the ease and speed needed by all on­the­go students, educators and editors.
MarginNote allows you to use the benefits of technology to amplify your ability to create, organize and store meaningful notes on the eTextbooks, articles and other documents you need for class, work or personal enrichment.

The purpose of notes is to help you remember what matters: Most people cannot keep up handwriting notes in an organized enough fashion so that when they look back at them they make any sense.
MarginNote gives you the tools you need to take effective notes and helps you find a note taking style that fits the way you learn best. Whether you are taking notes in your own words, using keywords and highlighting within a text or building a visual note hierarchy to help you remember key concepts,
MarginNote will help you keep all the information you need in one place where you can access on­the­go it via your iPad. Plus you can save your work to the cloud! MarginNote also eliminates the need to lug around huge, heavy textbooks and raggedy notebooks ­ all of your data is in one device, accessed with a swipe of your finger and the power of the Internet.

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MarginNote Features:
● Multiple note taking methods to choose from ­ or, create an amalgamation of different methods that works for you
● Easy to use interface with large pieces of “paper” within the margins of your text on which you can create notes, shortcuts or drawings to help stimulate your memory
● Take notes in your own words, use keywords/highlighting to annotate texts you’re working with or create a visual note hierarchy to stimulate your memory
● Create outlines of all your most important note files so that you can easily find specific points without having to scroll through the entire document
● Organize and store your notes on your iPad or in the Cloud
● Export markup & notes in a printable form
● Tips on note taking and how you can effectively use your notes to perform better in the
classroom or at work
● Tips on how to ask critical questions that get information you need to supplement your
notes and learning process