Owaves – the World’s First Wellness Planner

Owaves – the World’s First Wellness Planner 2016-08-05T09:08:27+00:00

By Owaves
Visually colorful and vibrant, with a novel 24-hour clock, the planner is fun to use and lets you see your day in a whole new way.

Oriented to sunrise and sunset, Owaves guides you to a balanced lifestyle and healthy circadian rhythm.

Eastern and Western health experts agree there are five main ingredients for a long and healthy life:
1) Sleep

2) Nutrition

3) Exercise

4) Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Managing Stress

5) Love and Social

Owaves is the only day planner in the world designed to let you prioritize these activities alongside work, play and miscellaneous errands.

The planner incorporates input from thought leaders in chronobiology, mindfulness, and professional sports.

It’s Visual. It’s Fun. And it’s Easy-to-use.

Key Features:
– Design-a-Day
– Save Routines
– Add Notes
– Localized Sunrise and Sunset