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Peter Corless is the Marketing Director for e2f. You can find him on Twitter at @PeterCorless.

Marketing Strategies for Globalization

Globalization 0.1: The Rise of the Multinationals In 1602, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), literally translated as the United East India Company, but better known in English as the Dutch East India Company, was founded as the world's first transnational, publicly-traded company. Granted a monopoly charter by the nascent rising Dutch Republic, the [...]

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Multilingual Managed Services

I recently sat down with Michel Lopez, the CEO of e2f, to discuss an emerging trend in the language services industry: managed services. Peter Corless (PC): e2f is now offering managed services. What are they, and why is it important to know about this trend? Michel Lopez (ML): The traditional model of the [...]

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e2f moves up in 2017 CSA rankings of Top 100 Global LSPs

Common Sense Advisory (CSA) is a market research firm that produces a comprehensive annual report on the state of the Language Service Provider (LSP) industry. In June, it released its rankings of the world's Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs) for 2017. Last year, in 2016, e2f appeared in the rankings for the first [...]

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e2f Jobs in Silicon Valley

e2f has immediate need for the following candidates in the Silicon Valley / Santa Clara County area: Linguists Short term contract START DATE: ASAP DURATION: 3 months, with possibility of extension. Chinese (Hong Kong, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Sichuan) English (Canada) Spanish (Spain) Long term contract Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Chinese (Taiwan) Danish Finnish German Hindi Italian Norwegian Spanish [...]

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IMUG at Netflix

The International Multilingual User Group (IMUG) meets monthly in Silicon Valley to share the latest in linguistics and technology. This month was hosted at Netflix, who provided insight into how their localization team handles scaling to meet the needs for their global audiences. Their presentation, Creative Localization at Scale, was a tour de [...]

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e2f Announces Globalization Strategy, Focus on Vertical Market Solutions

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE e2f Announces Globalization Strategy, Focus on Vertical Market Solutions SAN JOSE, 14 April 2017 -- e2f, a leading global language service provider (LSP) headquartered in San Jose, California, today announced its strategic evolution to provide full globalization services and its new focus on vertical market solutions. In 2016 e2f was [...]

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GDC2017, Part 3

Start with GDC2017, Part 1 Also see GDC2017, Part 2 e2f’s Nectaria Koinis had her face scanned into MyDidimo; hair not included!   This is Part 3 of e2f’s GDC2017 coverage. Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2! Game Developers Conference 2017 (GDC) in San Francisco may [...]

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GDC2017, Part 2

Start with GDC2017, Part 1 This is Part 2 of e2f’s GDC2017 coverage. Make sure to also check out Part 1! GDC is not just a show about games. It is also a show about global business and cultures. In the last blog, we had already addressed that obliquely by talking about England’s [...]

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GDC2017, Part 1

What happens when over 26,000 of the world’s pre-eminent game developers, publishers, marketers, analysts, press, and grognards descend on the Bay Area in March? Why, the Game Developers Conference (GDC), of course! GDC began as a salon in Chris Crawford’s San Jose home in 1987. Over the course of time, the show migrated up [...]

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IMUG: An Agreement About Our Words

IMUG is the International Multilingual Group, a meetup and forum that lives at the heart of the trends, trends and community for multilingual computing. Founded in 1987 originally as a special interest group of the Stanford Macintosh Users Group (SMUG), it has been a Silicon Valley tradition now in its 30th year. For [...]

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