e2f Jobs in Munich, Germany

  Strong Linguists, Translators and tech-savvy Multitaskers e2f Germany is looking for strong linguists who are available for on-site work for one of our clients in Munich. Tasks include translation (from English) and a variety of linguistic quality assurance (LQA) tasks. This position is 35 hours/week and we currently have open positions [...]

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Vietnam Flooding: e2f Responds

Even before the landfall of Typhoon Sarika in northern Vietnam and southern China yesterday, central Vietnam had already recently experienced intense, deadly flooding. The intense rains were the result of the remnants of Tropical Storm Aere (Julian).  Associated Press reported that as of 17 October 2016 rainfall of up to 90 centimeters (nearly 3 feet) [...]

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Going to LocWorld32? Enjoy Montreal in Autumn!

Gardens of Light (Jardins de Lumìere) at the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique), Montreal. Are you heading to LocWorld32? If so, make sure you set aside enough time to enjoy seeing Montreal in the autumn. There's plenty to see and do during your stay. The city is renown for its excellent dining, entertainment, music, [...]

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eBay: Visualizing Localization Quality

eBay is a global shopping powerhouse, with $20.9 billion in quarterly enabled sales (over $80 billion annually), 164 million monthly active users, and nearly 60% of its revenues generated outside the United States. Since its first article in the eBay tech blog just over six years ago, it has provided insights into how one of [...]

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Did You Have a Happy International Translation Day?

Ever since 1953, the 30th day of September has been celebrated as International Translation Day. For 2016, the Federation of Translators (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs), or FIT, chose a theme proposed by the American Translators' Association (ATA): Connecting Worlds The world of the translator and the world of the interpreter are two professions dedicated [...]

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e2f Wants YOU!

e2f has immediate openings for nineteen (19) different contract positions. These positions require the ability to fluently communicate (have both written and oral/verbal skills equivalent to a natively-fluent individual) in one of the following languages (or dialects/inflections): Chinese from China, zh_CN (2) Chinese from Hong Kong, zh_HK (2) Chinese from Taiwan, zh_TW (2) Dutch from the Netherlands, nl_NL (1) English from India, en_IN (2) [...]

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META-NET Looks to Neural Machine Translation

Map of the languages of Europe. (Source: Wikipedia) META is the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance, created by META-NET, an international organization founded in 2010, now comprised of 60 research centers from 34 countries. META-NET's mission is to foster a language technology foundation for Europe. A recent article published in Slator, How Neural Machine Translation Can Unlock [...]

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Localization & Semantic Overload

Localization Not Occupation community event, 7 Oct 2012, Source: Wikimedia Commons; (Also: Semantic overload is the term to describe a word with multiple meanings. This could be due to various reasons, such as whether the usages share or differ in etymology, application, idiom, and context. A large number of different linguistic terms fall under semantic overload: homonym, [...]

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Have friends looking for a job?

Welcome back from Labor Day Weekend! We believe one of the best ways to celebrate is by helping you or your friends get a new job. If you or someone you know is looking for work, e2f is hiring! This is what we are currently looking for in the Silicon Valley / south Bay Area: Long [...]

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New Urdu-Punjabi Machine Translation System

Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan at Punjabi University, Patiala, India. (Image: Wikipedia) A new project from Punjabi University, Patiala in India created a new Machine Translation (MT) system to specifically improve the quality of translation directly between these two languages. An article in the Times of India details some of the technical challenges the research team faced such [...]

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