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20Feb 2017

IMUG: An Agreement About Our Words

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IMUG is the International Multilingual Group, a meetup and forum that lives at the heart of the trends, trends and community for multilingual computing. Founded in 1987 originally as a special interest group of the Stanford Macintosh Users Group (SMUG), it has been a Silicon Valley tradition now in its 30th year.

For this month’s most recent meeting, IMUG returned to the Apple campus for the first time since 2010 for a rare peek into the technology at the heart of Siri. A crowd of 125 linguists and technologists filed up the stairs and filled the “Garage 1” conference room in Apple’s Infinite Loop 4 building.

Entitled, “Let’s Come To An Agreement About Our Words,” last Thursday’s talk by Apple’s own George Rhoten gave a background into the complexities of linguistic modeling, and pulled back the curtain revealing the technology methods that allows Siri to make sense of our requests, and respond back to us in well-formed, human-sounding sentences.

Analyzing Linguistic Structure

The complexity of language is a difficult enough problem […]

16Feb 2017

See You at GDC 2017!

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It’s nearly that time again! GDC 2017 is right around the corner. We’re eagerly looking forward to meet up with old friends and to make new ones at this year’s event. Hosted at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Game Developers Conference will run the whole week from 27 February through 3 March, with the Expo portion spanning Wednesday through Friday (1 – 3 March).

GDC is also running concurrently with a subsidiary show, VRDC, for the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) communities.

e2f has been involved with the game industry for years. We’ve been watching many of the changes happening in the market. As we head into GDC, here’s a few of our observations:

Gaming Industry Growth

The gaming industry is a behemoth. In 2007, the global gaming market was valued at $44.9 billion. A decade later, Newzoo forecasts the market will grow to $106.5 billion in 2017, with mobile alone accounting for $42.5 billion — practically the size of the whole 2007 market!

Within the gaming market itself, you have segmentation by platform: Consoles, PC/Mac, Mobile/Tablet, Handhelds (which are just a […]

10Feb 2017

Evolution to Globalization

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Those familiar with e2f will notice some subtle changes to our web site since our management offsite in San Francisco. e2f is evolving along with the industry and our customers’ needs. First, our tagline has changed:

“You create it. We globalize it.”

This reflects the broadening of e2f’s corporate perspective to encompass a full range of services in the GILT model: Globalization (g11n), Internationalization (i19n), Localization (l10n) and Translation (t9n). Whether you need translation and localization services, onsite staffing, or consulting engineering services (say, for Machine Translation setup and training, or systems integration), e2f has an ever-broadening portfolio of solutions tailored to an ever-changing market.

We also took this recent opportunity to reflect on what distinguishes e2f. What do we know and hold most true about ourselves? What do our customers say is most important to them? This is what we discerned:


  • Leading Language Service Provider headquartered in Silicon Valley
  • Client freedom and flexibility, without lock-in model
  • Rapid adoption of translation technologies
3Feb 2017

Transifex: New Features for Machine Translation (MT) & Translation Memory (TM)

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Our partners at Transifex are always looking for new ways to tailor their platform to meet the evolving needs of translators. A recent blog by Samuel Chen gave us a head’s up about a few changes now available and others coming soon.

The first change combined the power of Translation Memory (TM) with Machine Translation (MT), for automatic content translation. This feature was pioneered in Transifex Live, for website localization integration, but now is also available for file-based localization projects.

Under this system, untranslated strings will first be matched to the TM. Those with a 100% match will automatically be translated. Then, the MT system will translate the rest, so there won’t be a separate MT tool or job you have to manage. It will all happen in one smooth, integrated, automated process.

The second feature of note was Machine Translation strings in Translation Memory. In essence, MT-generated results for your TM will not automatically added. Instead, a human reviewer will need to check the quality of the results before acceptance. This is designed to keep your TM at its highest quality, and to […]

1Feb 2017

e2f Management Off-Site

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Day 1

Last week, e2f’s global management team assembled at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco for three days of discussions on the state and prospects of the translation industry, our role and place within the market, and our path to the future.

e2f has been providing language services for over a decade, and, in 2016 we achieved a place among Common Sense Advisory’s list of Global Top 100 Language Services Providers (LSPs). Thus our CEO Michel Lopez felt it was high time we got together to get to know each other better as a team, and to discuss the matters vital for taking e2f to the next level in our industry.

So from as close as San Jose and Las Vegas, and as far away as Canada, Argentina, France, Germany, Vietnam, Madagascar and Mauritius, sixteen members of our management team flew in from around the globe. Over the course of the week, we listened to our invited guests and to each other. We shared personal experience and perspectives, discussed options and debated plans. Also quite importantly, we had a lot of fun and celebrated […]