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Going to LocWorld32? Enjoy Montreal in Autumn!

Gardens of Light (Jardins de Lumìere) at the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique), Montreal. Are you heading to LocWorld32? If so, make sure you set aside enough time to enjoy seeing Montreal in the autumn. There's plenty to see and do during your stay. The city is renown for its excellent dining, entertainment, music, [...]

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New Urdu-Punjabi Machine Translation System

Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan at Punjabi University, Patiala, India. (Image: Wikipedia) A new project from Punjabi University, Patiala in India created a new Machine Translation (MT) system to specifically improve the quality of translation directly between these two languages. An article in the Times of India details some of the technical challenges the research team faced such [...]

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Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in French Translation

Now, more than 90 years since it was first written, and 70 years since the death of Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf has entered the public domain. The publication and translation of his works has created ethical dilemmas on multiple levels since it first appeared in print to the present day. The Conversation is an academic [...]

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University of Hawai’i at Mānoa dives into language, history & science via online newspaper archives

Image of two fishermen with outrigger canoes, Waikiki beach, Oahu Island, c. 1922. Source: Wikimedia. The Institute of Hawaiian Language Research and Translation (Ke Keʻena Noiʻi A Unuhi ʻŌlelo) at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa has launched a new research program, working with the archives of Hawaiian-language newspapers. The program, entitled Ka Wā Ma [...]

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Translating the Magic Kingdom

When you have one of the most recognizable brands in the world, it may be an alluring temptation to simply presume your global fans know you already, and will understand your meaning. Not so. For a company like Disney, with so many sub-brands of movies and characters established throughout its 92-year-long [...]

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Indian Literary Translation Project Stalls

Many teams around the world have been doing some stellar jobs translating various works of late. We recently wrote about the academic translation of the Talmud in Italy and the global translation and commercial publication of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman. Yet not every translation project is a stellar success story. Recently, an article [...]

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Throwback Thursday: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Detail, photo by Thomas Quine "On the twenty-fourth day of the month Gorpiaios..." is how the text begins. Though, it must be admitted, hardly anyone except historians and archaeologists care what it says. And hardly anyone knows or cares that this text, known today as the Memphis Decree, was written on behalf of [...]

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Japan National Foundation Day

神武天皇 Jimmu-tennō: The legendary "heavenly sovereign" Emperor Jimmu, as depicted in an 1891 woodblock print Today, 11 February, is Japan's National Foundation Day (建国記念の日, Kenkoku Kinen no Hi). Technically, we missed it because of the International Date Line; it's already 12 February in Tokyo. Yet let's take a moment to understand this date and its [...]

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Canada, Cats & Dogs, and Machine Translation

Bilingualism in Canada is a big deal. Back in 1961, before the modern Canadian flag was born, and back when it was still called the Dominion of Canada, the percentage of bilingual Canadians, those who were fluent in both English and French, was only 12.2%. Less than one person in eight. By 2011, this number [...]

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