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Jack Black Sings on Infinite Challenge

Every once in a while, you have to see something to believe it. Even the guy in the picture above is not sure what he's witnessing. Infinite Challenge (무한도전, Muhan Dojeon) is a South Korean over-the-top challenge show. Running for over 500 episodes, it is the most popular Saturday evening show in its time slot. In [...]

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Transifex Updates Transifex Live Web Translation and Localization Software

Transifex is the premier translation platform partner for e2f. Yesterday, 25 January 2016, the good folks at Transifex issued a press release announcing an update to their Transifex Live software, including a plugin for WordPress sites. We can't wait to use it ourselves!"Marketers and Web site owners are fighting to get valuable content to global [...]

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VentureBeat: How to spell "success" everywhere in the world

VentureBeat Insight just hosted and posted (on BrightTalk) a webinar: "How to spell 'success' everywhere in the world." Panelists Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing at VentureBeat, and CMOs Pam Webber of 99 Designs and Diego Lomanto of Talent Inc., each shared their insights on what it takes to bring brands to global marketplaces through translation [...]

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NPR's Favorite Songs from Around the World: Which is your favorite?

National Public Radio (NPR) released its annual wrap-up of favorite songs of 2015. Let's look at a breakdown of two specific categories: Latin and World music. Their Latin list mixes Spanish and English in a mashup of cultures, such as Cuban-Canadian singler Alex Cuba's "Beautiful Mistake," featuring Alejandra Ribera. Other songs range the gamut, including [...]

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Etaoin Shrdlu: The Ghost of Keyboards Past

 A long time ago, in a publishing office far, far away, there were Linotype machines. These mechanical devices, first invented in 1886 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, mechanically laid out a "line o' type," and cast it in hot metal, saving printers from having to pull individual letters from trays and set type manually on [...]

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How (and When) do you say "Happy New Year"?

For billions around the world, the Gregorian calendar, which was created in 1582, serves as the timekeeper for New Years celebrations, especially in New York at Times Square. Depending on the language you speak and the culture you come from, you may celebrate New Year's Eve in very different ways.Let's consider some notable exceptions to [...]

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Katakana: the Go-To for Loan Words in Japanese

Japanese has three different script types: kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji is logographic, with each character representing an idea. It uses symbols borrowed from Han Chinese. Hiragana is a phonetic alphabet — used to spell out native Japanese words. Technically, it is a mora syllabary, known as a kana. Katakana is also a kana. Both hiragana and katakana [...]

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Big Data: Analysis of English Word Frequencies

Back in the 1960s researcher Mark Mayzner wrote a seminal work on the frequency of English words, based on a sample of 20,000 word corpus. Groundbreaking at the time, Mayzner approached Peter Norvig of Google back in 2012 to see if their massive collection of online data, the Google Corpus Data, might be useful to [...]

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Are we allowed to have fun yet?

Engrish.com is a humorous site where you can see a travesty of translation, mostly poor translations of English from Chinese. Yet this example is pretty much exactly what it says. The first two characters, 严 yan and 禁 jin form the word for "strictly prohibited," The latter two, 嬉 xi and 戏 xi each individually [...]

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Are You a Frog Under a Coconut Shell?

Did you know Thailand is the 30th largest economy in the world? Did you also know Thailand is called the "Land of Smiles" because of the plethora of words used to describe various different types of smiles? Did you realize Thailand has a population greater than the United Kingdom, and nearly as large as France?If [...]

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