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eBay: Visualizing Localization Quality

eBay is a global shopping powerhouse, with $20.9 billion in quarterly enabled sales (over $80 billion annually), 164 million monthly active users, and nearly 60% of its revenues generated outside the United States. Since its first article in the eBay tech blog just over six years ago, it has provided insights into how one of [...]

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Localization & Semantic Overload

Localization Not Occupation community event, 7 Oct 2012, Source: Wikimedia Commons; (Also: http://www.localizationnotoccupation.org/) Semantic overload is the term to describe a word with multiple meanings. This could be due to various reasons, such as whether the usages share or differ in etymology, application, idiom, and context. A large number of different linguistic terms fall under semantic overload: homonym, [...]

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No, not “Whatever” — It Pays to Proof

Last week we posted about a poor Welsh translation made by the chain B&Q reported on the BBC. Some might argue the incident doesn't matter to them because Welsh isn't a really a broadly-used language internationally. Focusing on the language is ignoring the point. Our point is that a local business used Machine Translation (MT), [...]

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Taux de Foisonnement – Expansion Rate

"Expansion rate." Like the titular creature of the 1958 movie The Blob, it can be a horrific monster. Anyone who has had to design web or mobile UI/UX for various international audiences has run into it. So has anyone who has made different language versions of the same web banner ad or multi-page brochure or [...]

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Helping Startups Overcome Localization Hurdles

"Why don’t more startups have their content translated?" That's the upfront question posed by Blazej Szperlinski, head of marketing at Text United in a new article posted on MultiLingual. He makes the case that, if they are not already, startup founders should reconsider their reticence to working in foreign-language markets. "The English speaking market is [...]

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Enu already!

With the recent re-opening of relationships with Cuba, it seems timely to revisit an earlier period of good feelings between the countries. So here's a video from the 1950s series I Love Lucy, wherein Lucille Ball gives Desi Arnaz a lesson in one of the most confusing aspects of English words. The truth is that [...]

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RL10N: Data Science gets Localized

Anyone following trends in Big Data knows that the R language has rapidly gained traction and adherents in the data science community. It has already been translated into 20 languages and has user groups in 50 countries, but many of the packages critical for its adoption have not yet been translated. To [...]

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"Localization Matters for B2B and B2E Content Too!"

Spotted on the Internet: Bruno Hermann wrote an excellent article for EContent about how localization and globalization matter as much for B2B (business-to-business) and B2E (business-to-employee) content as for B2C (business-to-consumer) engagements. While many marketers and executives presume English is "good enough" for B2B, the Director of Globalization and Localization for The [...]

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Trademarks in Translation

Spotted over at Slator today: a great article on conflicting EU rulings regarding trademarks in translation. Marion Marking, in her Slator piece, highlighted how the application for the trademark "The English Cut" was ruled to conflict with the Spanish language version of the same phrase, "El Corte Inglés" whereas use of the English fairy tale [...]

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