Bespoke content connectors are the glue that connects often distributed components of performing continuous translation ecosystem. At the intersection of language and technology, e2f is a leading and recognized implementor of innovative, customized and flexible language operations solutions to support the expanding global requirements for digital content that drives customer engagement.

For over 15 years, e2f has built a track record of value generation, which offers:

  1. Adaptable, flexible and customized translation workflows combining human, semi-automated and machine translation;
  2. Creation and management of leverageable localization assets to ensure shorter production cycles, optimized ROI and overall enhanced quality (glossaries, translation memories and style guides);
  3. A proprietary suite of connectors to your content application of choice. e2f does not sell technology but will develop customized connectors to meet your business needs.

Contact one of our experts to discuss how our language solutions will help you achieve:

  • Unified Brand Expansion
  • Greater Customer Engagement
  • Increased Content Connectivity