Whether you need to field out a job for turn-around ASAP, or you need to bring in more on-site staff, let us know how e2f can help you meet your localization goals and deadlines.

In-House Staff

e2f has a global staff of over 40 full-time in-house professional linguists that serve as translators, proofreaders, and editors. They serve as our core team to tackle day-to-day translation and localization projects.

On-Site Staff

e2f also has another team of linguists dedicated to on-site staffing services. These professionals are embedded with our client’s own teams. This promotes collaboration on globalization projects, and also helps clients maintain a high level of information security.

Third Party Community 

Over our company’s decade-plus history we created a global community of thousands of professional linguists which we regularly draw from for specific jobs, either for more uncommon languages, or to scale to meet large volume projects.

Certification of Translators

All of e2f’s staff, whether in-house, on-site, or third-party, are put through a proprietary linguistic proficiency test for their written and oral skills prior to being assigned to any client project.

Translation Jobs

e2f is always looking for new professional linguists to join our growing team. We have both full-time professional positions, both in-house and on-site with clients, as well as openings for interns.

Jobs at e2f