Consumer brands today require careful marketing and microtargeting. Consumers, more than ever, want to be catered to both via personalized in-store and online experiences. They want to buy from companies that fluently speak to them in the languages and even dialects they are most familiar and comfortable with. Such catering can span various media and operational components:



Multilingual Marketing

Marketing campaigns may need to be tailored across linguistic and national boundaries due to cultural, political and religious sensitivities or even current events. You need to work with people fluent not only in the language, but in the ethos and current zeitgeist of the markets where you want to excel.

Images and messages which might work perfectly well in the United States may need to change entirely if you wish to advertise in China, in the Middle East or even Mexico, Canada or Europe. Adaptation to cultures may even require you to rewrite your message nearly entirely, through a process called transcreation. While not every campaign needs such radical overhaul across linguistic borders, it pays to keep in mind what may be required to hurdle barriers beyond the linguistic to make your brand shine for new consumers.

Even the very social media platforms you use to deliver your message may vary depending on the language of the consumers you are trying to reach. And, since not all social media platforms have the same physical geometry for message delivery, the same character counts, or the same features, you may need to tailor your message for the media you are delivering it through.

Global Branding

Branding itself requires careful analysis of your trademarks and key terminology in target markets, to avoid all the typical pitfalls of unintended meanings, innuendo, and backlash that may occur from careless translation.

Multilingual Competitive Analysis

How does your brand stack up against the competition? We can analyze your own website, in terms of the breadth, depth and quality of multilingual content, and compare it to your top competitors. Where do you have the edge on your competition? How may this inform your strategy and refactor your rollouts?

e2f Can Help!

We’ve worked with many consumer brands across the years to help them at all levels of their global enterprise: from strategic formulation, to operational readiness, to tactical day-to-day deliverables. It all begins by emailing us at [email protected]. Let us know where you want to go, and how you want to grow globally, and we’ll help you meet or exceed your goals.