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For billions around the globe, iOS and Android are far more accessible than traditional desktop operating systems. Software developers rely on accurate translation services to bring their apps to global audiences.


e2f, founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley, has been close to the heart of the mobile revolution over the past decade. Hundreds of mobile apps and software developers rely upon us to bring their apps to global audiences, from localization to continuous translation and on-device testing. If you have uploaded your content on Transifex, discover how to translate your Transifex content.



As travel activities booking platform GetYourGuide serves millions of users across the globe, multilingual content is a must. Read how e2f helped GetYourGuide translate nearly two million words into six languages in a matter of days — and how these translations yielded measurable boosts to the company’s bottom line.

Our Mobile & Software clients love our Human translation, Localization Engineering and Localization Testing services.