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For over a dozen years, e2f has aided in the translation and localization of gaming apps and websites. Whether you require high-quality human translation and localization, copywriting and transcreation, creation of glossaries, style and usage guides, translation memories, Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), on-device playtesting, or multilingual staffing solutions for your community management, social media engagement and customer relations, e2f has a range of services available to meet your needs.


Growth of Gaming

The mobile, web and computer game market has grown into a behemoth, with category-killer games having the same budgets as Hollywood blockbusters. Market research firm Newzoo calculated in its Global Games Market Report that the game industry grew into a nearly $100 billion industry in 2016.

On top of the traditional gaming models, 2016 saw the phenomenon of real-life environmental engagement games, such as Pokémon Go, and oppositely, a plethora of virtual reality experiences. Motion sensors, haptic gloves, and the Internet of Things are all pushing the boundaries of gaming and leisure, allowing us to explore simulated game worlds and our real world in whole new ways.

Fortunately, in the localization industry, we’ve come a long way since 1991 and Zero Wing’s infamous line, “All your base are belong to us!” The art and science of game localization has evolved rapidly to pace game development practices.

There is clear demand for localization integration into development suites like Unity 3D and source code management systems such as Github. While there are methods to interconnect such tools to Localization Mangement Systems (LMS) such as Transifex, not every game studio has yet implemented and automated continuous localization, or fully-embraced linguistic quality assurance (LQA) to the same degree they have their code management and general testing practices.

What is Your Strategy?

While these are the high-level trends in the industry, every game publisher has its own strategy, and every project faces its own challenges to reach its objectives and goals. e2f has experience helping companies big and small, from global powerhouses of gaming to the newest of startups, and from brands as recognizable as The Hobbit and Fast and Furious, to the most charming and novel of indie titles.

We’d love to hear about yours! Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your own needs and goals.

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