Today’s shoppers expect a personalized experience—both in-store and online. Companies who can fluently speak to customers in their own languages and dialect provide a level of comfort and familiarity which, ultimately, drives conversion.

e2f has worked with dozens of consumer brands, helping to provide a localized shopping experience at all levels: from strategic formulation, to operational readiness, to tactical day-to-day deliverables. How does your brand stack up against the competition? We’ll even analyze your website and multilingual content, and compare it to that of your competitors.

Let us know how you want to grow globally, and we’ll work with you to meet—or exceed—your goals.



As travel activities booking platform GetYourGuide serves millions of users across the globe, multilingual content is a must. Read how e2f helped GetYourGuide translate nearly two million words into six languages in a matter of days — and how these translations yielded measurable boosts to the company’s bottom line.

Our Retail clients love our human translation, multimedia and linguistic testing services.