Managed Services for Localization

Are you looking to:

  • Improve your localization processes
  • Reduce overall cost and maximize ROI
  • Improve overall quality of global content, enhance CX

For over 15 years, e2f has built a track record of value generation, which offers:

  1. Adaptable, flexible and customized translation workflows combining human, semi-automated and machine translation;
  2. Creation and management of leverageable localization assets to ensure shorter production cycles, optimized ROI and overall enhanced quality (glossaries, translation memories and style guides);
  3. A proprietary suite of connectors to your content application of choice. e2f does not sell technology but will develop customized connectors to meet your business needs.

Value Creation through:

  1. Project Manager for hire
  2. Virtual support team (localization assets management; workflows; content connectors)
  3. Custom MT solutions
  4. Content technology strategy
  5. Automation and Innovation to ensure relevance

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