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e2f provides a wide range of high-quality Canadian French translation services for clients doing business in Quebec, Canada and worldwide. With 12 years of industry experience and OTTIAQ certification, our staff translates over 25 million words per year into Frenche2f has been selected by some of the world’s largest companies to meet their Canadian French translation and localization needs.

About e2f

e2f’s focus on quality, cost management, client service, subject-matter expertise, and cutting-edge technical solutions is second-to-none in our industry. All translators assigned to our clients will not only be natively-fluent speakers with in-depth understanding of the target market, they will also have extensive subject-matter expertise in the pertinent field.

Clients entrust e2f with communication of their brand message across cultural borders.

e2f provides localization for any type of product or service into Canadian French, from software and websites, to documentation and multimedia, to packaging and social media campaigns. You create it, we localize it!

e2f’s industry-leading client services and rigorous quality control processes provide superior results. Our 24/5 production capabilities enable us to offer a follow-the-sun support model, which deliver remarkably quicker turnaround times compared to competitors.

About Quebec

The province of Quebec, with over 8 million inhabitants, represents more than a fifth of Canada’s total population — equivalent to the population of Switzerland or the State of Virginia.

If Quebec were its own nation, it would be the world’s 12th largest by size, and with an annual GDP over CAD$363 billion (USD$276 billion) would be the world’s 40th largest economy.

GDP per capita in Quebec is CAD$44,499 (USD$33,822), which would rank it as the 26th most vibrant economy in the world — more prosperous per individual than Japan.

Founded in 1642, Montreal is the historic, economic, industrial and cosmopolitan heart of Quebec. With more than 1.6 million inhabitants in the city proper, and with a metropolitan population of 3.8 million, Greater Montreal ranks 67th amongst the 100 largest urban centers in the world — larger than Rome, Frankfurt or Seattle.

Opportunities Abound

Businesses across Canada and the world that want to operate in Quebec require adherence to linguistic regulations of the province and Canadian national laws. With our years of expertise, e2f can help you master these requirements and successfully adopt your products, services, and brands to the Francophone Quebec market.

Likewise, e2f can aid local and regional Quebec businesses grow their presence into national and international markets through localization and translation.

In an increasingly globalized world, Canada (and Quebec in particular) serve as gateway between North America and Europe. Canada is a member state of both NAFTA and the new Canada-EU CETA. Québec specifically serves as an ideal springboard for business in European Francophone nations, including France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Getting started, or taking your business to new frontiers, requires a partner that can help you navigate the linguistic and legal landscape.

For instance, Bill 101, also known as the Charter of the French Language (La charte de la langue française) defines French as the official language of Quebec. Which means any business looking to operate within the province needs to offer its services and products in French. It specifies that software, catalogues, brochures, commercial directories — even menus and wine lists — have to adhere to this linguistic requirement.

What opportunities in Quebec, or beyond, are most important to you? e2f’s staff in Montreal would love to hear! Email us at [email protected], or use our contact form below.

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