The Process

You send us your audio recording or live video feed. We use advanced speech-to-tech technology to transcribe the audio, before manually editing for accuracy and adding timecodes. e2f’s machine translation technology will automatically translate your file, followed by a thorough human review from our professional linguist team. Your completed subtitle files are delivered immediately afterwards, in the format of your choosing, and you can broadcast within a few hours to a global audience with professional subtitles.

Why e2f

Traditional subtitling solutions take days. At e2f, we deliver professional quality, multilingual subtitles within 2 hours—regardless of video duration. With continuous subtitles, you can broadcast your message to non-English audiences in near real-time.

We’re sensitive to your budget. Because we supplement our human review with workflow automation, machine transcription, and machine translation, our rate is 50-80% lower than traditional solutions.

Content isn’t static; e2f is committed to solutions that are as sustainable as they are speedy. Our continuous, multilingual subtitles are built to keep up with global, fast-paced companies in the digital age.

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Our translation staff uses top-notch localization management platforms and translation suites to streamline your translation flow without sacrificing on quality.